Key Safes

A KeySafe is a strong mechanical metal box that securely stores the key to your door inside.

It is installed into brick or concrete and your keys are accessed by a combination code. This code is easy to set and can be changed when appropriate to maintain security.

Here’s a scary statistic:

According to a new survey by Keytek Locksmiths (2013), over 20% of Britons still leave a spare key to their home in their front or back garden. Many of the people surveyed admitted that they still keep a spare key in an easily discovered spot. 2% even admitted that they kept their spare keys under a plant pot, and 6% under a mat.

What many homeowners aren’t aware of is that should a burglar find the key and enter your home, your home insurance will be invalidated.

As well as a significant proportion of people with keys hidden in the garden, the survey also showed that 44% of people actually keep a spare key with a neighbour, which offers an interesting new angle on the debate about how familiar modern Britons are with their neighbours as well as the fact that they might not be there when you need them.

The KeySafe is a sensible secure alternative to give access to the trusted few that may need access to your property as and when needed. Why not give our Engineer at Redlocks Locksmiths a call today and get your free no obligation quote to supply and fit a KeySafe to the exterior of your property and save ever having to call us again because you’re locked out.


Remember when you have used your spare key; always return it to the key safe straight way.  We suggest you put a distinctive colour tag on the key so when left laying around after use it draws your attention to return it to the KeySafe.