Garages, Sheds and Gates

Redlocks Locksmiths are experienced and prepared to meet your security needs in and around your property. We carry a wide range of locks, latches and handles and are  able to meet your needs regards your garage, sheds and gates.

Whether it’s to pick open your garage locks for replacements, repair or security issues or secure a back gate or items outside we are your one stop call for all your security needs in and around Cambridge, Cambridgeshire including Huntingdon, Newmarket and Ely.

Redlocks Locksmiths  Security tips for securing items and buildings outside the home on your property

  • Consider the use of lights at the front and rear of your property that activate when someone approaches.
  • Consider the use of bolts and padlocks on side gates. Place the bolts at the top, middle and bottom of the gate.  The use of just a top bolt is generally easy to reach and open.
  • Consider chaining together all high value items stored in outbuildings, as this will make it harder for them to be removed. Also consider the use of a wireless alarm or link your shed or garage into an existing home intruder alarm system.
  • Homeowners are urged to check their home insurance policies to ensure their property meets the security standards required. Insurance companies often refuse to pay out if properties do not meet these standards or are left unsecured.