Secure Your Property – Redlocks Locksmiths

Statistics show that burglaries increase by up to 20% during the winter months when the clocks change as criminals take advantage of the darker evenings. Here are a few of  Redlocks basic pointers in keeping your family and property safer.

Doors and windows

It’s important that your door security is up to standard during the dark winter months. External timber doors should be secured using a Mortice Lock and/or Nightlatch that meets British Standard and if you have a UPVC or composite door then it is a good idea to upgrade the euro profile cylinder in your multipoint lock to a British Standard cylinder as well.

A property is not properly protected unless all points of entry are secured and Redlocks Locksmiths recommends that all windows, both upstairs and downstairs, are fitted with at least one appropriate lock. Many burglars will avoid smashing a window and will instead try to force the window frame itself. There are locks available for all types of windows, including wooden, aluminium and UPVC, as well as locks that are suitable for French doors and patio doors. You should also pay attention to how your lock functions. If turning your key in the lock requires more force than it used to, your lock could be getting old and might be in need of residential lock repair.

Sheds and outbuildings

It’s important not to forget about your property’s shed, garage door, and entry door during the winter months. If you garage door needs repair, make sure to hire a professional garage door opener repair specialist immediately. You can secure these outbuildings with a weatherproof padlock to help deter would-be thieves and protect against unwanted intruders. Weatherproof padlocks with a solid multi-layered steel body to protect against erosion and saw attack, plus a keyway cover cap to prevent rusting. Heavy-duty padlocks are recommended for shed doors, whilst anchor locks and cables can secure individual items of high value inside an outbuilding.


A useful addition to perimeter security can be exterior lighting, either switched manually or automatically operated if the light is activated. Lighting should be seen as an aid, but on its own it is not sufficient to deter a burglar.

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