Moving Home! Redlocks Locksmiths Highly Recommend Changing your Locks

We highly recommend changing your door locks when moving into a new property/home.

Question 1: Have you changed your locks since you moved in your new home?

Question 2: So how many copies of your house keys are out there, do you know?

Question 3: Do you know who has copies of keys to your house?

A survey has revealed that 74% of homeowners fail to change the locks when moving into a new property, leaving them vulnerable to break-ins by anyone who had a key during the last ownership.

This basic security measure is recommended by home insurance providers as a priority as insurance claims are only valid if there are clear signs of a break-in.

The study interviewed people from right across the UK, asking them ‘Did you get your locks changed within 2 weeks the last time you moved into a new home?’. The results showed that people in the South of England were most the most likely to change their locks (35% answered ‘yes’ to the survey, compared with 20% of people in the North and Scotland).

The age group most likely to get their locks changed was those aged between 35-54, while the over-55’s were found to be least likely to do so.

Changing the residential locking device on a new home or having a new Residential Deadbolt Lock Installation with the help of a residential or commercial locksmith is a basic security measure that has long been recommended by leading insurance companies. Many home insurance policies will not pay out if an intruder lets them selves in with a key, as generally there must be clear signs of breaking and entering in order for a claim to be valid.

As technology advances, many homeowners are turning to smart security solutions to enhance the safety of their residences. Smart locks, in particular, offer a convenient and modern alternative to traditional locking mechanisms. With features such as remote access and activity monitoring, smart locks provide homeowners with greater control and insight into their home security. Additionally, integrating smart security systems with other devices, such as cameras and sensors, can further bolster protection against intruders. Companies like Pacific Security Group specialize in the installation, maintenance, and servicing of smart security systems. Moreover, proactive servicing can prevent potential security vulnerabilities, offering homeowners peace of mind knowing that their property is well-protected.

And it’s not just the insurance implications that are worth thinking about – there’s also the fact that you could be putting yourself and your family in danger if you don’t know for sure who else has a key to your property. Even if you completely trust the former owners, there’s no telling how many sets of keys they’ve given to relatives or lost over the years and forgotten about.