Have you maxed out on gifts for friends and family this Christmas?

Want that thief caught; want to get items back fast if they were stolen! Register your belongings with. IMMOBILISE, the FREE national property register.

Have you maxed out on valuable gifts for friends and family this Christmas?  Why not give them an extra gift for free, and recommend Immobilise to help them protect their new presents.

Immobilise is the largest property register in England and can be used to register any of your identifiable property such as bikes, laptops or jewellery. If registered items are recovered after being lost or stolen they can be quickly reunited with their owners. As a direct result of Immobilise there are over 250 cases a week where property is returned. Immobilise is also the only ownership registration service supported by all UK Police forces. The system also provides the police with the audit trail and evidence they need to bring successful prosecutions against those who steal or handle stolen goods.

Immobilise can be used by members of the public and businesses to register their valued possessions or company assets, and exclusive to Immobilise all account holders registered items and ownership details are viewable on the Police national property database:

  • Immobilise helps Police identify the owners of lost & stolen property thousands of times each day.
  • Loss & theft updates you make are immediately available to the Police nationally.
  • Combat the sale of stolen gadgets & valuables; alert the second-hand trade & publicly checkable stolen goods database CheckMEND if an item goes missing.
  • Simplify insurance claims and Police reports with certificates of ownership.
  • Great member offers from Immobilise’s numerous supporters, often helping support provision of Immobilise.
  • These features are unique to the FREE Immobilise service.

Unfortunately, this time of year can be a bonus to burglars as people tend to have more valuable items in their house at the same time, so get one step ahead of the thief and get registering now!

For further information please visit the website www.immobilise.com